The Foreign manpower Placement Agency

We endeavour to be one of the most competitive organization in the recruitment and HR consultancy with emphasis on efficiency, reliability and thrust to discover new horizons. We are an organization that combines managerial skills and human resources to create a brand name for Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd. We express sincere gratitude to all the staff, our valued clients and job seekers for their trust and confidence. We would like to welcome you and hope you will find working with us is an exciting experience. We are a Company that combines modern technology, managerial skills and human resources to revitalize the lives of the people.

We continue to seek new opportunities for growth with a continued focus on management strategies. Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd is a progressive and forward thinking organization dedicated to pursuit of growth opportunities. We enjoy immense goodwill in the recruitment field and have an excellent reputation for our hard-work, honesty, integrity and fair business dealings. At Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd, we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of our organization to the outside world and people who have business dealings with us. With the experience in the relevant recruitment field, we are experts in forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs and building strong innovative candidates for our clients. We invite you to explore this company as a gateway into the business and relationships we have created and continue to create.


Our Vision & Mission

Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd is absolutely dedicated to all our clients in assisting to recruiting various categories of manpower. We give suggestions, counseling and ideas to our clients in all aspects of the business. Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd anticipates reaching its destination recognizing its stand in the region for the provision of manpower recruiting services to foreign countries. It will be focusing its vision on supporting financially in the economic standard of candidate as well as the nation.


Our Team

Team and Personnel of Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd are much talented in their respective areas such as communication, public relation, foreign affairs, knowledge and resources. Our management team has good correspondence with extensive international experience in the field of 'Foreign Employment Consultant'. It gives more attention to clients' contentment and satisfaction.


Data Bank

We have our own well-computerized data bank which is up- to- date, accurate and comprehensive. Our agency brings you the exact man you want in almost no time as data helps us to nominate the right person at right time for any kinds of organizations. Information from our data bank history has also helped us to update our service quality.