The Foreign manpower Placement Agency

Why You Should Hire Sri Lankan Workers

Sri Lankan workers are well known for their hard work, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities. We can supply the right personnel for the right jobs. They are equally competent, very honest, peaceful and hospitable as well as being obedient, dutiful and most loyal to their employers. Comparatively Sri Lankan workers are more cost effective and inherent quality to work even in extreme climate conditions. Therefore Sri Lankan workers are best bet and economically advantageous to the employers.


Mental Aptitude Test

The main purpose for this test is to have an accurate insight about the inner man, his abilities, aptitudes and available potential zones of which even the man might be unaware. We strongly believe not only in hard work but also in smartness of the workers.


Special Investigation Team

A 'Bio-data' submitted by any candidate explains about his biography, education and experience details. Some executive, accounts, sales and collection related positions are very sensitive. Our special investigation team verifies such candidates' actual background records before final selection by screening their profiles.


Skill Enhancement Program

The 21st century is characterized by frantic page of chance. All skills are made out- of -date within a short time. We have resources to upgrade the selected workers so that they could comply with latest and modern technologies.



To recruit your workers in all categories and specialization, we undertake full guarantee to select those having excellent experience after being screened, trade tested and medically examined. We also undertake full responsibility for replacement and its expenditures in case any one of our recruited workers falls short of your expectations. If you decide to send your representative to select your workers, we are ready to make available required number of applicants duly supported with the required documents in a well-equipped trade-testing center, with modern facilities to review your candidates.

We believe that our principles expect us to be not just a supplier of manpower but a genuine partner to establish fair business relationship worldwide and rapid prosperity.

We include a list of recent valued patrons, representing a wide spectrum of industries from manufacturing to construction. In order to enable you subsidize our services, we mention the names and contact numbers of our clients who will gladly recommend our company for better service.

Within a short span of time, it has been able to offer jobs to maximum number of sri lankans workers in gulf countries. From the beginning, we have been receiving demand from companies of different countries to supply human resources.

This adequately proves that we have performed better professional service in supplying competent human resources to the employers Al Ridha Foreign Employment Pvt Ltd has been appointed i and has served as the recruiting agent in sri lanka for numerous well reputed and well established companies abroad.